Jets Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Out of NFL Season With Torn Achilles

Aaron Rodgers is calling timeout on the rest of the NFL season.

After suffering an injury during the New York Jets‘ game against the Buffalo Bills on Sept. 11, the quarterback has “a complete tear of his Achilles tendon,” NBC Sports reports.

The Jets also addressed Rodgers’ season-ending injury Sept. 12.

“Not the way any of us wanted it to go, but we know the commitment you’ve made to this team will continue to impact us moving forward,” the team wrote on Instagram. “Get well soon, @AaronRodgers12.”

The 39-year-old, who joined the Jets after leaving the Green Bay Packers earlier this year, was minutes into his debut at MetLife Stadium when he was sacked by Bills linebacker Leonard Floyd. After the collision, Rodgers had trouble getting up and was escorted off the field, prompting the Jets to replace him with quarterback Zach Wilson.

“It was crazy,” Wilson, who helped the Jets defeat the Bills 22-16, said after the game. “First, I’ve so much love for him [Rodgers], my heart goes out. I know he’ll find a way to get back. It’s tough, it hurts us as a team.”

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