Kamala Khan Is The Future Of The MCU – And The Young Avengers May Be Next

Early in the movie, Kamala notices Fury and S.A.B.E.R. have a tablet with intel on every superpowered individual on the planet, including her. Rather than be angry or insulted at the violation of privacy, she gets an idea.

In the final scene of “The Marvels,” Kamala ambushes “Hawkeye” protege Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in New York by cheekily recreating the post-credits scene of the first “Iron Man.” Not only channeling her inner Samuel L. Jackson but repeating his speech pretty much verbatim, Kamala asks the new Hawkeye if she thought she was the only teenage superhero in the world (Bishop remarks that she’s in her 20s, but you get the point) and tells her she is part of a much larger universe. Kamala also mentions other kid heroes, like Ant-Man’s daughter, Cassie, and finally extends an invitation for Kate to join her Young Avengers initiative.

It makes perfect sense that the MCU’s biggest fangirl would outright just do a reenactment of the scene that changed Marvel forever, word for word. And before you complain that there is no way she would know what Fury said, come on. Don’t you think she is capable of grilling Nick Fury until he told her every single detail of his speech that night? Of course, she would. She would memorize it, too, because she is that big of a fan.

After “Endgame,” there has been a lack of cohesion in the MCU, with little to actually unify the characters into one team. In Phase One, it was Fury and Coulson who assembled the Avengers and kept them together, but what about now? S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone, S.W.O.R.D. is essentially just window dressing, and Fury is barely dealing with heroes now.

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