Paul Walker Would Be “So Proud” of Daughter Meadow, Cody Walker Says

Paul Walker found his “pride and joy” in daughter Meadow Walker.

The Fast and Furious actor—who passed away in Nov. 2013would’ve been celebrating his 50th birthday on Sept. 12. Ahead of the milestone, Paul’s brother Cody Walker spoke to E! News about his sibling and how much he loved being a father.

“Oh my gosh. He’d be so proud of her,” Cody told E! News at the 2023 FuelFest Mid-Atlantic Sept. 9. “That was his pride and joy, his baby girl. He loved her to death. He only wanted what’s best for her.”

“He loved being a dad, loved it,” he continued. “He had a lot of guilt for not being able to always be there. He talked about it all the time. It really bothered him. And that’s why Paul did not like the industry.”

Cody further explained that Meadow had to share her dad with the world as he went abroad for his career, a tough feat for anyone.

“It’s just nuts,” he noted. “But yeah, gosh, he’d be so proud of her. She’s so beautiful and she’s doing what she wanted to do.”

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