Shrek-Themed Crocs Are Coming, God Help Us All

These “Shrek” Crocs aren’t just for adults with terrible judgment and poor money management, either. No, you can also get them in kids and toddler sizes, for all the young ones who want to have the ugliest shoes on the playground. Here’s the price breakdown for each pair:

  • Adult Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs ($59.99)
  • Kids’ Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs ($49.99)
  • Toddler Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs ($44.99)

The official “Shrek” Crocs will be available starting at 12:00 PM EST on Wednesday, September 13 on Crocs.com, as well as Crocs’ retail stores and select wholesale partners worldwide. But you might want to be fast, because “Shrek” fandom can turn into a dangerous mob very quickly. They’re huff, and they’ll puff, and they’ll steal the “Shrek” Crocs right off your feet. 

Here’s hoping that we’ll also get a pair of Donkey Crocs in the future, covered with fur and syrup. You know, because he likes waffles. 

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