Steven Yeun’s Character In Marvel’s Thunderbolts Has Been Revealed (And It’s A Weird One)

Make this two super-powered characters draped in hues of yellow and blue for Steven Yeun. Having already joined the animated series “Invincible” to voice the character of Mark Grayson, his casting as the Sentry in “Thunderbolts” will coincidentally turn this color scheme into a bit of a trend for the talented actor. This time, at least, he’ll get to show off in live action. While Yeun was flagrantly breaking his NDA and revealing all this to blabbermouth Robert Kirkman (we kid, we kid), he apparently had a pretty funny reaction when he went in for a costume test. According to Kirkman:

“Yeah, [Yeun] called me and he said, ‘I just came back from a costume fitting for the Sentry. I guess I only do superheroes that are yellow and blue.’ He said he was at the costume fitting and was like, ‘Aww, crap. I forgot Invincible was yellow and blue.'”

Happens to the best of us! In any case, Kirkman isn’t exactly sweating about leaking state secrets. “I don’t think this is a spoiler or anything that will get anybody in trouble. I don’t know, maybe. We’ll see. I don’t care. I don’t work for Marvel. What are they going to do to me?” 

Setting aside that this probably falls under the definition of “Famous last words,” the news adds even more intrigue to “Thunderbolts.” The film was pushed back along with a slew of other Marvel delays, and is now scheduled to bring the franchise’s new team of antiheroes to the big screen on July 25, 2025. Yeun will be joining a cast that also includes Sebastian Stan, Florence Pugh, David Harbour, Wyatt Russell, Ayo Edebiri, and no less an icon than Harrison Ford.

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