The Marvels Pays Off The Worst Part Of Secret Invasion Ending (Kind Of)

Fans would be forgiven for either forgetting or remaining blissfully unaware of some of the larger implications of “Secret Invasion,” but one scene in “The Marvels” dredges all that messiness right back to the surface. When Valkyrie answers Carol Danvers’ (Brie Larson) call to help out with the woefully small remnant of Skrull survivors left, she whisks them away to parts unknown with the promise of helping the refugees find a new place to call home. Of course, the entire existence of Valkyrie and her settlement in Norway of New Asgard probably would’ve been worth mentioning in “Secret Invasion,” particularly when the finale ended with the xenophobic President of the United States declaring war on all alien beings remaining on Earth. Awkward!

Early on in “Secret Invasion,” the fact that the Asgardians so easily made a new home on Earth after their homeworld was destroyed in “Thor: Ragnarok” felt like a major plot hole because, well, why couldn’t the Skrulls simply do the same thing? By the end, the series simply never bothered addressing this in any way — probably because there is no good reason why the Skrulls are so hated by humanity, while the Asgardians have been left alone in peace. But in “The Marvels,” the mere presence of Valkyrie and her willingness to help out the Skrulls goes a long way towards bridging the gap that the show left unaccounted for. Granted, it’s left unclear whether the Asgardian is taking these aliens back to New Asgard on Earth or some other planet entirely, likely to be continued in some other MCU project down the line. That said, at least we finally have some closure as far as the Skrulls are concerned. No thanks to “Secret Invasion.”

“The Marvels” is currently playing in theaters.

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