Those Darned Apes Are Back And Dirtier Than Ever

“When I sleep, I see strange things … Not memories, new things. I see everything.”

The footage begins with an intriguing voiceover by (presumably) our new main character, the ape Noa, played by Owen Teague. As the trailer opens on a spectacular wilderness setting teeming with jungles, rivers, and decrepit buildings completely overgrown by foliage, it’s clear that quite a bit of time has passed since we last saw Caesar lead his contingent of apes to the promised land. 

Now, the highly evolved apes have fully become the dominant species of the planet and, based on his dialogue, our new protagonist is clearly feeling the weight of destiny on his shoulders. It’s not clear what exactly he means by those mysterious remarks — visions of the future, or something else entirely? But that’s a question for another day, because just look at the gorgeous visuals of this new ape on horseback who appears to be a falconer. Is it too much to ask for an entire movie about nothing more than just this young ape and his falcon pet? Probably, but it’s a fantastic starting point to begin the trailer on.

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