You Might Be Annoyed With The Challenge’s Season 39 Cast

Spoiler alert: Someone who’s never won The Challenge will become a champion in season 39.

Okay, that’s not too big of a reveal considering the cast is made up of 24 contenders who’ve yet to be congratulated by host T.J. Lavin after one of his grueling finals. That’s right: There will not be a single legend competing for another title on The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion when it premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 25. 

MTV unveiled the cast for the upcoming season on Sept. 12, which included familiar faces like Survivor‘s Michele Fitzgerald, Big Brother’s Kyland Young and Ride or Die standouts Horacio Gutiérrez and Olivia Kaiser. (And fans will get to know the rest of the Challengers ahead of the premiere during MTV’s The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion: Countdown Begins special on Oct. 18.)

But, before you get too upset over the absence of icons like Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann, some of the franchise’s most legendary competitors will be brought in throughout the season in surprise elimination challenges. Hey, if you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best, right?

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