Zack Snyder Reveals A Secret Connection Between Rebel Moon And Army Of The Dead

The initial plans for “Army of the Dead,” one can see, were quite ambitious. Not only did Snyder oversee a spinoff film that came out the same year as the original, but one might also find a pair of tie-in short films — “The Reckoning” and “Guzman of the Dead 420” — that Snyder either wrote, co-wrote, or directed. Snyder has also talked about wanting to make a follow-up film called “Planet of the Dead,” and is already in development on an animated series called “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.” That’s an awful lot of “Army of the Dead” to map out that swiftly. It seems that Snyder has, in his mind, a much broader sense of “Army of the Dead” than a mere heist picture with zombies in it.

Also, evidently, a character from “Rebel Moon” is set to shunt their way through a time portal and end up in the future of “Lost Vegas.” Snyder explained: 

“‘Army of the Dead’ has a pretty vast mythology that never made it into the movie. […] There’s actually a character from ‘Rebel Moon’ in the ‘Army of the Dead’ animated series that we never did. […] At one point in the show, they go through a portal into another dimension, and there are characters in that other dimension that they come across. […] In ‘Rebel Moon,’ they’re in this bar, and one of the aliens is one of the characters from the animatic. So it’s definitely a shared universe.”

It’s a tenuous connection, but a connection nonetheless. 

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