No Time to Cook? Try One of These Baby Meal Delivery Services Instead

Before I knew baby meal delivery services were a thing, I was giving Zeke Gerber baby food to try. But when I found out about a report on heavy metals found in commercial baby food, I decided it was time to try something different.

Immediately, I could see a difference between the freshly prepared food and store-bought food. For example, when comparing Gerber apples to Little Spoon apples, the texture was different and so was the taste — yes, I tried them. Gerber’s tasted sweeter while Little Spoon’s tasted more like Granny Smith apples — Zeke made a sour face while eating them. As for the texture, Gerber’s is more like a smooth applesauce while Little Spoon’s has more of a ground apple texture.

As for the price, a four-ounce tub of apples from Little Spoon will run you $2.96. With Gerber, you can get two 4-ounce tubs for $2.

One thing that stood out to me was the nutrition label. Apples naturally have calcium, but the Gerber apples label showed it had none; Little Spoon’s label listed 10mg of calcium.

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