IShowSpeed’s young fan imitating streamer by making inappropriate gestures leaves netizens divided

Popular YouTube streamer Darren “IShowSpeed” conducted his inaugural live stream in an IRL setting on November 5, 2023, in Manchester. A substantial number of his fans congregated to witness this unique event. Predictably, he engaged with many of his supporters, including a young boy who, strangely, imitated the streamer by making an inappropriate gesture.

It’s widely known that the streamer holds significant influence, especially among children, owing to his lively and comedic personality. Yesterday, the child, who appeared not more than 12 or 13, took to the stage to imitate one of IShowSpeed’s dance moves, indicating the act of fellatio.

This sudden action naturally left both the streamer on stage and the online community at large in a state of shock. One X user remarked:

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“This generation is done.”

“Speed has done irreversible damage to the youth” – Fans react to IShowSpeed’s latest stream

Fans react to the shocking clip from the stream (Image via X/@FearedBuck)
Fans react to the shocking clip from the stream (Image via X/@FearedBuck)

IShowSpeed concluded his first-ever in-person live stream on his computer yesterday. The event was rather successful, with both the stream and event attracting thousands of viewers and attendees.

At a certain juncture during the stream, a notably young fan eagerly volunteered to engage in a dance battle with the streamer and was subsequently invited onto the stage.

The child, after entering the stage, was asked by the streamer to show off his moves first. The boy then proceeded to make a rather inappropriate gesture, imitating the streamer’s moves from his song 2021 single “Shake.”


In response to the clip, popular X user Feared Buck shared the video and captioned it by stating:

“Speed has done an irreversible damage to the youth.”

The clip also received a variety of critical comments, with some expressing concerns that the streamer may have hurt the current generation. Here are some of the notable reactions:

Fans react to the clip (Image via X/@FearedBuck)
Fans react to the clip (Image via X/@FearedBuck)

IShowSpeed is currently YouTube’s fastest-growing streamer, boasting a subscriber count of over 21 million. His first time hosting a public event attracted a significant amount of attention and viewership.

Despite the criticism, the streamer also has a reputation for doing good deeds in general. For instance, back in October, he crossed paths with a struggling family in India and opened his purse strings, giving them a helping hand.

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