Jey Uso forms extremely unlikely alliance with WWE Superstar who hates him; ally walks out on him during RAW

Jey Uso appeared on WWE RAW tonight, opening up the show. However, he was not left ungreeted for too long as another member of the RAW roster came out to the ring and told him what he needed to do to earn the respect of the locker room. However, they were interrupted by Judgment Day as well, forcing an unlikely alliance upon them. Jey Uso and his former rival, Kevin Owens, had no choice but to team up.

The stars joined forces when Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest made an offer to Jey that he turned down. They wanted him to join the stable, but clearly, he was not having it. He turned it down and took up Owens’ offer to prove he was different.

This was despite the two having shared a heated rivalry before. Kevin Owens not only had doubts about him but was finding it difficult to put aside his previous hate.

The two teamed up and faced Judgment Day. Mostly, it was a dominant show from Balor’s faction, although the lack of Rhea Ripley at ringside didn’t help them. Dominik still tried to help his faction mates whenever he could. Jey Uso brought strong offense, diving all around the ring.

Jey Uso tried to take out Priest but accidentally hit Kevin Owens with a superkick when he was going for a stunner. Balor hit the Coup de Grace to pick up the win.

Ultimately, the newly formed team of Uso and Owens lost out. With Sami Zayn also accepting Jey’s move to RAW, fans will have to wait to see if he will still work with Owens. The two had a stare-off at the end before Owens walked out on him.

Uso will still need to do more to prove himself to the rest of the RAW roster.

Do you think Jey can fit in? Sound off in the comments section below.

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