“Make it discreet too motherf**kers”

Gilbert Arenas was no stranger to getting a penalty in his 11 NBA seasons, with the discipline being announced to the public. Now that he’s retired, he’s calling out the league for not doing the same thing with officials.

NBA referees have made controversial calls, which is a given because human error is a huge factor in officiating. While Arenas confirmed that the officials are also given penalties, the league makes sure that the discipline is discreet and often chooses not to announce the penalties to the public.

For this reason, the former Washington Wizards star feels that it’s unfair that the players’ penalties are publicized. Arenas wants the players and officials to be treated the same way when getting penalized.

“They do get penalized, but the problem is, it’s not public,” Arenas said. “So, because it’s not public, it’s not … you’re hiding something. If you’re not gonna fine publicly, don’t fine me publicly.

“When I say something to the ref or something in the podium, and you didn’t like it, and you fining me? Make it discreet, too, motherf***ers. Don’t be sitting there like, ‘Oh, Gilbert Arenas got $5,000 for the ‘ F*** you!’ What did he get?”

On Wednesday, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks was ejected after picking up his second technical for taunting Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons after a dunk. As a standard in the league, players who are ejected automatically receive a minimum $2,000 fine.

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Gilbert Arenas believes Anthony Davis can’t take over as the Lakers’ leader

Before the start of this season, the LA Lakers hinted at Anthony Davis being the next man up. Davis has been hinted as the player who will take over the Lakers this season, even before LeBron James retires. Even the four-time champion believes that it’s time for the big man to take over.

Gilbert Arenas believes that it could be a difficult task for AD.

“(James) admires him too much,” Arenas said. “But think about it. When you have two stars on a team, no one is handing over the keys, just one is taking ’em. When did Shaq (O’Neal) hand over the keys to Kobe (Bryant)? Never.”


Fans are still hopeful that Davis will take his game to the next level and become the team’s leader before LeBron leaves or retires.

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