Top 5 times Rockstar listened to GTA fans

Rockstar Games is arguably not the best at listening to the GTA community’s feedback. The studio has overlooked its fans’ complaints about different games several times in the past. However, there have been some exceptional instances when the company actually listened to its fans and took action based on their complaints.

This article lists five of the notable instances where Rockstar Games listened to the feedback it got from Grand Theft Auto fans.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

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5 occasions when Rockstar Games implemented the GTA community’s feedback

5) Allowing business operations in private lobbies


Operating businesses is an integral part of the GTA Online gameplay, and almost all players rely on them to make money. Earlier, Rockstar Games allowed players to do business only in public sessions. This enabled griefers to destroy one’s products without any reason.

After numerous complaints, The Criminal Enterprises DLC finally allowed players to operate their businesses in any kind of lobby. This prompted business owners to switch to Invite Only or private sessions to sell their goods in peace.

This was one of the most ground-breaking quality-of-life changes from Rockstar Games and was praised by many fans.

4) Making snacking easy


Eating snacks is very important while in a combat situation in GTA Online. Before The Criminal Enterprises DLC, players had to use the Interaction Menu to eat snacks and equip armor in the multiplayer game. It was a very lengthy and difficult process, especially when one is engaged in an intense gunfight.

However, players can now simply use the weapon wheel to consume snacks and equip armor from the inventory. Many fans believe Rockstar Games implemented this change after listening to the feedback given by popular GTA YouTuber DarkViperAU.

Whatever the case, it has certainly improved the Grand Theft Auto Online experience, giving players more freedom and agility.

3) Adding the mission restart option in classic GTA games


Mission restart is a common feature in modern games. However, the classic GTA titles (Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas) forced players to restart an entire mission whenever they failed to complete it. Even if they fail at the last stage, they have to travel all the way back to the mission marker and do everything again.

This was one of the most despised aspects of playing the old Grand Theft Auto titles. However, Rockstar Games fixed it in the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition release. Now, players will get checkpoints and prompts asking them to replay the mission instantly. However, the feature is still missing from the original titles.

2) Removing annoying NPC phone calls


NPC phone calls were among the most hated things in GTA Online. They were unpredictable and often came at times when you were busy with other tasks. Most of the calls did not even have the decline option, forcing players to listen to the entire conversation. There are many videos on YouTube where one can see NPC phone calls disturbing players at important in-game moments.

However, Rockstar Games significantly reduced the number of such phone calls after the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC. The studio also added a decline button to the calls, allowing players to reject them entirely.

1) Improving the Hangar business


The GTA Online Hangar business was one of the hardest businesses to operate in the multiplayer title. This was mainly because the entire operation used to take place in the air using dedicated aircraft. Its payout was also mediocre, causing players to ignore it most of the time.

However, after the December 2022 and June 2023 DLCs, the Hangar has become one of the best and solo-friendly businesses in the title. While the payout has already been permanently tripled, players can now also opt for land missions for all major operations. During 2x and 3x bonuses, the Hangar becomes the most lucrative business in the game.

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